Watch Chef Tim Creehan’s Grill Plus Instant Marinade Video Demonstration

Chef Tim Creehan’s Grill Plus® is a patented instant marinade and cooking sauce now available to everyone. A non-stick brush-on coating created to meet the needs of professional restaurant kitchens, Grill Plus® can be used as an instant marinade, a base for milk-wash, or even a zesty dip. It works magic on any food it touches!

The patented blend of ingredients is especially conducive to grilled foods. Just brush it on anything and start cooking without the wait time of regular marinades. Grill Plus® provides a consistent seasoning and gorgeous sharp grill marks every time. And of course it prevents food from sticking to the grill surface while inhibiting messy flare-ups and creating an appetizing appearance. Grill Plus® cooks onto the food, not the grill.

There are plenty of pluses to Grill Plus®. Pennies a serving, gluten-free, no carbs, and 0g transfat ensure a health conscious culture can rest easy knowing Grill Plus® is a cost effective alternative to the traditionally used condiments or seasonings. Truly, Chef Tim Creehan’s Grill Plus® is an innovative and revolutionary breakthrough in modern cooking, and has easily earned its place on the kitchen shelf.

Patent Number 5501867

Grill Plus Instant Marinade and Cooking Sauce
Grill Plus Instant Marinade and Cooking Sauce